Ontario Association of Advising Professionals

The Ontario Association of Advising Professionals will positively impact the educational experience of           post-secondary students in Ontario

 through the research, development, and promotion of quality professional development and networking opportunities for academic advising professionals

Steering Committee

The OAAP is seeking new volunteers for the Chair, Treasurer and Membership and Outreach positions. Please get in touch with the OAAP at the email below if you would like to volunteer for either the Chair, Treasurer, or Outreach and Membership positions. 

The OAAP Steering Committee would like to thank Christina Meredith and Jennifer Graham for their leadership over the last two-plus years as Chair and Co-chair of the Steering Committee and wish them well as they move on to other challenges. Also, we want to acknowledge and thank Andrea Roos for her time as Treasurer and Patricia MacMillan for her long-serving role as a Member at Large. In the Interim, Elaine Nethery has volunteered to be Acting Chair until a new Chair can be found. Elaine will continue to serve in the Membership and Outreach role. Theeben Jegatheesan will continue in his role as Webmaster. Joan Clee will continue as Member at Large for the next 2 years.

Our Passion Lead us here

We proudly represent  24 colleges and 22 universities in Ontario

The Ontario Association of Advising Professionals  (OAAP) is a networking group that serves to connect advising professionals, working..

OAAP will facilitate dialogue and encourage the sharing of information, best practices, and experiences on matters of mutual

Established in 2000, the mission of OAAP is to positively impact students’ educational experience through research,…

Competency Framework for Academic Advising.

In December 2021, the OAAP finalized a new Competency Framework for Academic Advising. The Framework was collaboratively designed by Michelle Sengara, PhD, with input from over 30 Ontario post secondary institutions over an 18-month period, The Framework consists of 5 core competencies. Each competency is comprised of three specific skills. This model seeks to prepare advisors with the skills they need to be RESILIENT & RESPONSIVE within a changing reality, and support students in the cultivation of those same capacities. The Framework is the first Ontario model to define skills for advising professionals.  

Competency Frame Work
Region 5 Conference

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